Elevate Your Self


The first step to knowing “God” a.k.a Universe; is to know the self. Without a clear understanding and realization of the self, we can not know of the other two. The God Self is our “higher self”.

Through self-knowledge you begin to find out what is God, what is truth, and what is that state which is timeless. In self-knowledge is the whole universe; it embraces all the struggles of humanity.

If you want to pray, pray to your higher self.
If you want to worship, worship the divinity that exists within you.
Realize that you are your own God, and that we are all part of the same universe. We are all one. Therefore we are all divine beings. Drop the religious dogmas and start believing in YOURSELF.

“Divine love makes us true to ourselves and to others. . . Divine love is the solution to our difficulties and problems. It frees us from every kind of binding. It makes us speak truly, think truly, and act truly. It makes us feel one with the whole universe. Divine love purifies our hearts and glorifies our being.” ― Meher Baba

As I have learned from my David Icke readings… Infinite, unconditional love is the only truth. Do you feel the same way about “God” and the Universe?

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6 thoughts on “Elevate Your Self

  1. Ronda Carroll says:

    The ability to see the beauty of another human being’s soul is the most precious gift that a loving, benevolent universe can provide…true spirit connection is the nourishment that my soul craves….those beautiful people I see every day, I thank you for being open to allowing me to see your beautiful souls….

    • Jeremy F. says:

      You’re very welcome & Thank you so much for your lovely comment Ronda. I truly appreciate the kind words, it makes me feel good that my words are able to connect with others. I have always kept to myself, but now I want to share the path I’m on with the rest of the world :]

  2. Corey Donovan says:

    Absolutly, And you putting this out there only strengthens the realization. As I often notice connecting with others on a pure chaos free level will make BEING illuminate much stronger and deeper. Its like individual sticks burning together the result is one flame.

    • Jeremy F. says:

      Corey, excellent observation. Just as mother Theresa said:
      “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
      If we continue to spread awareness and truth, the ripples will act like waves in an ocean; a never-ending cycle of truth that will eventually seep through every level of society.

  3. sean court says:

    Bit bhakti yoga for me. I like all your attitudes. An understanding of external beauty leads to an appreciation outside of yourself. Only then can we even try to connect with others. I find chaos is the only force which seems to care. All plans go awry.

    • Jeremy F says:

      Yes. The battle within has to be conquered before we seek to change the world. If you want to be successful, be excellent. If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best.

      Thanks for your comment!

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