“Our Soul Purpose” by Nicholas Tschense, AT AGE 6

I would like to share this amazing message to humanity with you.
Children are our future because they are here to bring in light to all of humanity and change the world from its current state of chaos.
We need to awaken from the illusion of separation, and raise the vibration of love here on Earth.
We have been stuck in darkness for too long, so as light, we must not live self-centered; rather, we must shine in terms of goodness and to always be benevolent to others. Those who walk the path of light will automatically shine for others to follow; such as this young man… Enjoy!

“Our Soul Purpose” by Nicholas Tschense, AT AGE 6

To the divine presence in all of us, know that we are moving on in our healing journey and bringing light to all of those in our path. Light of love will shine so bright, followers will feel pure joy. Once this happens the world will become one in body, mind and spirit.

Transcendence into light and love is the soul purpose here of the earth.

We are not here for our own purpose, don’t you see, we are here for the universal purpose? Once our spiritual path is defined, we are to follow it to contribute to the whole. This is the universe unfolding into itself…this is the moment of creation re-defined.

We all as a collective are responsible for this unfolding. Each of us…no one escapes this contribution. So you see, meditation and spiritual practices keep us aligned with this purpose. Then our lives feel in synchrony and not disharmony. Disharmony meaning loss of meaning and direction, not a peace within.

Inner peace and harmony need to exist, before world peace exists. Nonetheless, both are plausible and achievable brought about by inner light.

Listen to your own inner message about what feels right…joy and light or sorrow and darkness. Pay close attention to your inner dialogue as it struggles with this change.

As a bringer of light and love, I and all the other super conscious children of the world will assist you in this movement.

Through staying tuned in, you help all of this to happen.

Bringer of Light and Love,
Nicholas Tschense, February 18, 2003



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