Big Pharma Vs. You… A War On Health And Spirit?

What I’m about to write about is in relation to the crisis with Monsanto and our food supply. I want to give you my point of view on what is going on with our health.

Centuries ago people didn’t need big pharma and their man-made prescription drugs. “Food was thy medicine and medicine was thy food”. People actually ate real, fresh, organic food. An apple was an apple, and corn was corn.

food kill

Today, we are stuck on the SAD [standard american diet] which is why we are the fattest and laziest country in the world. There is a reason for this. Our provided lifestyles put money in the bank. They keep us dumb, ignorant, fat, lazy, and sick by feeding us junk food at cheap prices and keeping the price of healthy organic food in-affordable to most middle class citizens. As a result, we become sick with diseases and cancers that didn’t even exist a few hundred years back.

Can you see the pattern?

Pharmaceuticals all have one thing in common… In case of overmedication you need to contact poison control… If they were actually good for you wouldn’t you think our loving government would make them illegal? Because it seems that anything good is bad and anything bad is good (see tobacco etc vs hemp/marijuana)… But this is not the case, instead they have created a freak-show trillion dollar business to add to their already ridiculous incomes by manipulating our health.

“Managing” diseases is the trend in mainstream medicine, and it’s the main message that pharmaceutical companies and the media market to consumers.

“You have a mental disorder? That’s okay. You can live a normal life, if you take these pills every day”…


There is a saying… “control oil you control nations… control food and you control the people.” And that is exactly what is happening, on a GLOBAL scale…when corporations are pulling the strings, that is called FASCISM.

FASCISM = CAPITALISM + MURDER… which is what America is all about. Monsanto is taking over the world’s food supply with their fake genetically modified bullshit food… Why else would there have been a global march against monsanto today? ALL AROUND THE WORLD! The people may think they are fighting just another corporation, but in reality our government IS monsanto.
not food

Here is a quote to ponder upon:

The human body is predisposed to heal itself and to exist as a healthy, thriving organism. We inhibit that process by ingesting unhealthy foods, fouling our inner environment with toxins, and relying upon poisonous substances to treat disease conditions…It’s amazing, but true, that many of the most effective healing therapies (even for grave, life-threatening disease conditions) are simple things that you can do for yourself at home. You simply have to educate yourself and take responsibility for your own health.”  ~ Ken Adachi in Forbidden Cures

So why are they toying with our lives? Here’s my rough conclusion,

The Mayans didn’t predict doomsday… Instead, they saw the end of a cycle the earth goes through and predicted the start of a new age; in essence, the beginning of the end… As our planet moves into the photon energy belt, your DNA is trying to activate what scientists call “Junk DNA”… Make it spiral up and not down. This is what our Ancestors were telling us all along… What a coincidence that people are getting sick and the world is falling apart when it’s suppose to be a time of great prosperity and love for humanity… it is the age of Aquarius.

Our planet has moved or is moving into a higher vibration(5th dimension). It’s time to wake up and realize that as divine human beings, we have the ability to self-heal so long as your diet is healthy and appropriate; and your mind-body-spirit is in harmony…

body, mind, soul, spirit on blackboard

Since the beginning of time, mankind has used laughter, storytelling, music and dance not only to commune with nature and Universe… but to heal the spirit and body of any ailments.

Remember the saying “laugh till it hurts”? It hurts because it truly does heal… uncontrollable laughter releases a chemical called endorphin into the body which, as well as generating mild euphoria, also dulls pain.
Everything a human needs is within him or herself; everything else is temporary.

So what does this mean?

Perhaps the greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it. If you treated your body like a temple to begin with, disease would be second to none. A healthy plant-based diet, exercise, meditation, laughter, dancing, creativity, love, etc… All contribute to your health.


Plant-based diets emphasize foods rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats, which are components of a heart-healthy diet. When people eat cooked food and put things into their bodies that don’t belong there, the toxic build up keeps the third eye shut. As people start to eat fresh, live, more healthy food… the third eye starts to open and we are able to see the signs that passed us by when the third eye was closed.

So yes that means STOP EATING MEAT

“Flesh food (meat, fish, and poultry) increases the animal frequency in the body and it brings into operation more animal-like tendencies such as the vibrations of anger, lust, fear, aggressiveness, and murderous impulses.”

~ Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Spiritual Nutrition

Do not take on these negative energies and low vibrations. We are evolving, therefore our vibrational state is increasing… We need LIVE high vibratory food in order to expand our consciousness.

The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music. It is needful to have the instrument in good order.

food medicine

  1. Get back to nature and plant your feet in the dirt.
  2. Start meditating to activate your 3RD EYE (Pineal Gland).
  4. Avoid fluoride.
  5. Say no to GMO & start eating organic fruits and veggies
  6. AND ALWAYS drink lots of water.

In addition to food/medicine industry… we are being attacked from all angles, chem-trails are being sprayed daily containing barium and aluminum which then get into your body and stick to your pineal gland, causing calcification which keeps us away from our true divine spiritual selves. Fluoride is everywhere including our water which is known to cause docility and to shut down the pineal gland as well. But those are different cans of worms to open on a different day…

All In All, Modern western society has completely stripped our spirits away from us and are keeping us from evolving. We are living life as 3D physical materialistic egotistical beings, instead of 5D all around spiritual highly conscious humans living from our hearts.

When fear drives society, the ego is passenger. Until people can learn to live from the heart then I fear that we still have lots of work to do…

Personally, I think it is extremely important to transcend the ego and to open your heart to love; and once you do that, the rest will come so long as you pursue it. I have been on this spiritual path since December 1st 2012 when I had an “awakening”… and so far I’ve lost a lot of weight and am in the best shape of my life… I am also always at peace and free of sickness and disease or anything detrimental to my body. I have transitioned from eating anything and everything to a strict vegan diet over 6 months…Which was unforced and unwillingly… It naturally happened as I continue to walk down this path.

body temple

There are many reasons people are turning towards raw vegan foods including animal rights, better health, and for many to fight cancer naturally. Eating whole organic plant based raw vegan foods, rich in superfoods, is the single most important step you can take for your health and well being.

Please do share your thoughts!

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