Generation X

Look at you.

You’re young.  And you’re scared. Why are you so scared?

Stop being paralyzed.

Stop swallowing your words.


Do not be fearful of challenging your own beliefs, it can lead to great enlightenment. Speak your mind; you are living and experiencing the consciousness revolution, the era of light, love, and truth.


The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those who are living a lie. Be courageous and set an example. You are here to change the world.

What they did not want you to ever find out is that your generation, the generation born between 1980-1995, actually outnumbers the Baby Boomers. They knew that if you ever turned your eye towards political reform, you could change the world. They tried to keep you sated on vapid television shows and vapid music. They cut off your education and fed you brain candy. They took away your music and gave you Top Ten pop stations. They cut off your art and replaced it with endless reality shows for you to plug into, hoping you would sit quietly by as they ran the world. We as a society are only as strong as our weakest link. GIVE ‘EM HELL KIDS!

I was born in 1990, and I completely identify with this statement… I have come to realize that in order to change the world you must change yourself… I have embarked on this journey of self transformation in order to help bring change upon this cruel world.

Do you agree that the youth’s duty is to challenge the elite and bring light & love back into this world?


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