Universal Calling


Where do I begin
this world were living in
is not as it seems
chasing that american dream
giving in to this lie
never ever asking why

Why must we continue
loving red white and blue
the only country to love
is the one below and above
mother earth is your temple
so set a good example

When will love take over
because this cant go on forever
humanity is bound to evolve
so long as the heart is involved
and the spirit is awakening
fear not, this is only the beginning

What is there to lose
there is no time left to choose
the world is on a mission
the universe needs us to listen
so lets make a spiritual vow
to enjoy the miracle of now

Who will we become
when it is time to be as one
in this illusion we live
the truth is what we need to give
to all of those who still sleep
there is no more time to weep

jeremy fraj


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2 thoughts on “Universal Calling

  1. Judie says:

    Outstanding! I’m not a lover of poetry, but I actually LIKED this!
    Good job.
    Dustie’s grandma

    • Jeremy F says:

      Awesome Judie!! Thank you for the compliment, I too have never been big on poetry, let alone writing it! But lately I’ve been able to conjure up some creativity. We shall see where it takes me 🙂

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