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The Only Real Mistake Is The One From Which We Learn Nothing


There is no greater classroom than life itself. Everyone you meet, of any age is teaching you something either about life in general or about yourself.

You might feel you are in the middle of a big crisis right now, and can’t see the way out. Well there is a way out. It’s all up to you.

But the way out means taking a step forward, and not becoming immersed in where you are now. That is keeping you stuck.

There are no mistakes, only experiences. Whether good or bad, they are the pieces that fit into your puzzle.  What you perceive is what you get. Continue reading

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Be a Warrior, not a worrier.

Be a Witness, not a judge.

Focus on Yourself, not on others.

Listen to your Heart, not to the crowd.

Learn to be Humble, not to be pretentious.

Feel the Yearning, not the apathy.

Be taken with Laughter, not despair.

Be taken with Love, not with hate.

But most of all, just be You.


jeremy fraj


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